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Niah's Fairy Princess outfit

My little cousin is like every other little girl and loves to dress up and pretend to be a ballerina, princess, or fairy. She had the typical princess outfit but was missing the fairy/ballerina outfit.

There are tons of tutorials in the internet and YouTube on how to make a tutu. Simple and easy to make and the possibilities are endless. 

•Tulle (fuchsia and lime)  - I found mine in the wedding section at Michael's ($3/spool), plenty of colors to choose form. You can also buy it on the bolt and cut into strips, but I like simple so I bought the spool because all I had to do was cut the right length. 

• Elastic band - measure waist and sew 2" smaller

Cut 24" strips of tulle and fold in half. Make loop and place behind the elastic band. Pull ends of tulle through loop and pull tight. You can make tie into a knot if you wish.

The wand: 

• wooden dowel painted pink
• butterfly from the floral section at Hobby Lobby
• ribbon tied under the butterfly to add a whimsical touch.  


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Lucky in Love 💛

Its always an honor to be apart of any event or someone's special day, but a wedding has an unique place in my heart. A couple's biggest day, the celebration, all the preparation and money that goes into making sure that it's their version of perfect and it goes on without a hitch. That is where I come in for this Lucky in Love couple. When Cyndi came to me about decorating I was all in before she could finish asking me to be their wedding decorator. This was the first wedding that I had more than just tablescapes to execute. I was in charge of crafting a picture frame photo prop, sweetheart table initials, flower girl basket. a bouquet with bling and boutonniere with style to match both Brides' personality 😉.

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