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St. Patrick Themed Baby Shower

It is so many ways you can decorate any holiday themed party or shower- and that can be a good and bad thing because of the endless possibilities. For this St. Patrick's themed baby shower we (the mom-to-be's sister and I) had plenty of ideas but we decided to focus on three elements: the pot of gold, the rainbow and shamrocks.

I love that food and candy are one of the easiest ways to incorporate colors and add to the theme. This array of fruit was for the guess to make their own skewers for the chocolate fountain. 

A round glass bowl with a green tulle bow, scrapbook paper cut into strips and adhered to water bottles and glass bowls was very inexpensive (especially if you can catch a deal like 5 for $1 at Michael's or Hobby Lobby )

Pots of Gold: flower pots painted black with Rolos candies as the gold nuggets.

Wish i had a better picture of the ribbon rainbow I made ( note to self- make sure to hire a photographer). Instead of a pot of gold at the end of it there was somethi…