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I love Instagram

A jewelry holder that's also wall decor (or vise versa)

Jewelry holder/Wall decor

I have a jewelry armoire but the side doors that hold my necklaces were getting crowded and some of my necklaces were too long. I also needed something on the short wall between my closet and bathroom so I killed two birds with one stone by making this:

Correction I killed three birds with one stone, I also finally put to use the fabulous sequined paper I found at Michael's.

I knew right away whatever I was gonna make was going to include two things: chevron and grey. As I've said before choosing colors and color combinations is the hardest decision because the possibilities are endless. After staring at my color board and paints for days I narrowed it down to turquoise, magenta, yellow, and black. And well you see the winning colors. But I have some black and magenta knobs to switch if I feel like a change :).

Pretty in Purple

I love monochromatic color schemes. There are so many to decorate with other color combinations or themes anyway but, in my opinion, monochromatic color schemes are the best because its one color but a variety of hues to choose from.

As you can tell from the pictures the color requested for the birthday dinner was purple with touches of gray and sparkle.

The centerpiece for the main table was fun to make. I opted for faux flowers because of their variety of colors and availability. I found purple feathers, plumes, flexible wire that I curled, and flowers with pearls and broaches for their centers. And added the crystal that's hanging for a lil glamour.

Tulle pinned with vintage broaches on the ends and sprinkled with small paper flowers were used as runners. Cylinder glass vases wrapped in dark grey glittered paper with "diamond" embellishments topped with hydrangeas on glass candle plates were the centerpieces for the other tables.

More pics to come.

Waste not, want not

I don't believe in wasting, especially craft supplies. Even though you can usually catch scrapbook paper on sale, if not its only about 0.50 - 2.00 depending what type of paper you buy. I have a drawer full of scraps of paper to use for small projects or embellishments.

After punching circles out I used a whole punch to make my own confetti for a baby shower I'm decorating for as I mentioned in my previous post. Silly? Maybe but I'm happy lol.

Being resourceful

Decorating for a baby shower later this month and the theme is Cute as a Button/polka dots and the color scheme is pink, brown and orange.

The 12x12 on the left came from a pack and it only had 4 sheets so I had to get resourceful and create my own. All it took was finding paper that matched and Hobby Lobby was my go to place. Their paper aisle is inspiring and stocked with many colors and patterns AND that week the papers were 50% off!!! Love it :)

I used a 1.5" circle punch and duplicated the pattern. One row I had to improvise because the original sheet's circles are bigger. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Whatcha think of mine on the right?